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2010-10-05 08:49 pm

Link post of linky goodness

Right, well, since I don't really tend to use this journal for anything right now beyond keeping track of random fandomy nummyness, I'm going to start using it to keep track of my links. I used to have a delicious accout with all my links archived in it, but I had to stop using the email account it was linked to (damn you random spam!), and so I ended up losing all my links.

Plus, since I'd had to reinstall my OS onto a new HD (yeah, thanks ever so much you damn virus) I've lost 99% of my links. My current delicious page is currently 90% full of Supernatural and Star Trek links, since those are the two fandoms I'm the most active in ATM. Dammit! All those links to stuff in my other fandoms, lost!

So, in order, this page contains:

[Info and Wiki Links]
[Image-Heavy Sites]
[Multi-Fandom Fanfiction Archives/Sites/Links]
[Single Fandom Fanfiction Archives/Sites/Links]
[Music and Video Links - Mostly Fansubs of Asian Music Videos]
[Manga/Anime Stuff]
[Random Other Stuff I Can't Live Without]

Now, onto the links! )

I'll edit the rest of this later at some point. --snicker--