shi_koi: (break_lollie)
2011-07-25 05:21 pm
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On Diigo...

I've basically stopped using delicious to keep track of my bookmarks. I've moved onto Diigo instead. When that whole fear of delicious shutting down went around the 'net I transferred everything over.

I. Adore. Diigo.

Seriously. It's a hundred thousand times better than delicious ever was. I still search on delicious, 'cos a load of the kink memes still use it for their fills/wips and whatnot, but when it come to bookmarking things, I use diigo. It's awesome!

It took a bit of getting used to, and I didn't like the online post-it notes, so I turned that option off, but holy hel people! Diigo is brilliant! I still tag the same way I did with delicious, but it's like someone took twitter and a ton of other handy things like yahoo groups and smooshed all the best bits together in diigo. Communities! Favourites lists! Category lists! W00t!

There's this really nifty toolbar, and there's a folder on it that you can drag links to and it automatically stores them for you to 'read later' without messing around! Awesome. Really.

Find me here on diigo.