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2011-07-25 05:21 pm
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On Diigo...

I've basically stopped using delicious to keep track of my bookmarks. I've moved onto Diigo instead. When that whole fear of delicious shutting down went around the 'net I transferred everything over.

I. Adore. Diigo.

Seriously. It's a hundred thousand times better than delicious ever was. I still search on delicious, 'cos a load of the kink memes still use it for their fills/wips and whatnot, but when it come to bookmarking things, I use diigo. It's awesome!

It took a bit of getting used to, and I didn't like the online post-it notes, so I turned that option off, but holy hel people! Diigo is brilliant! I still tag the same way I did with delicious, but it's like someone took twitter and a ton of other handy things like yahoo groups and smooshed all the best bits together in diigo. Communities! Favourites lists! Category lists! W00t!

There's this really nifty toolbar, and there's a folder on it that you can drag links to and it automatically stores them for you to 'read later' without messing around! Awesome. Really.

Find me here on diigo.
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2010-10-07 02:38 am

Angelic Gaia Online Avatar...(or, bored again!)

EDIT: Looks like as I change my avi on Gaia, it updates it here too. /facepalm bored with my ghostie!witch avatar and messed around again. The last avatar was themed pale blue and white, so I went with white and gold for this one. It ended up a bit...well...angelic-themed. --laughs--

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2010-10-05 08:49 pm

Link post of linky goodness

Right, well, since I don't really tend to use this journal for anything right now beyond keeping track of random fandomy nummyness, I'm going to start using it to keep track of my links. I used to have a delicious accout with all my links archived in it, but I had to stop using the email account it was linked to (damn you random spam!), and so I ended up losing all my links.

Plus, since I'd had to reinstall my OS onto a new HD (yeah, thanks ever so much you damn virus) I've lost 99% of my links. My current delicious page is currently 90% full of Supernatural and Star Trek links, since those are the two fandoms I'm the most active in ATM. Dammit! All those links to stuff in my other fandoms, lost!

So, in order, this page contains:

[Info and Wiki Links]
[Image-Heavy Sites]
[Multi-Fandom Fanfiction Archives/Sites/Links]
[Single Fandom Fanfiction Archives/Sites/Links]
[Music and Video Links - Mostly Fansubs of Asian Music Videos]
[Manga/Anime Stuff]
[Random Other Stuff I Can't Live Without]

Now, onto the links! )

I'll edit the rest of this later at some point. --snicker--



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2010-07-17 12:03 am

Yay! First post!

I kept meaning to get an account sorted here, but for some reason I kept on getting sidetracked. --blush-- So, now, I have finally joined the ranks of those with a DW account. Yay me...?

--headdesk-- Knowing me, I'm probably not going to end up doing much more than linking favourites and whatnot. Hell, I can barely keep up with my LJ stuff. --uneasy laugh--