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Yep. I've been on a real Final Fantasy kick recently. I haven't been able to play anything on the PS2 recently because it's all boxed up due to the fact that we've been 'decorating' and whatnot. --cough-- Yeah. It's probably really bad that we've been trying to decorate for a real, as in seriously, for a few months now, but we haven't done more than paint one, small, room.

--droops-- It's really hard though! Honestly! And no, it's probably not what you're thinking either. We're not lazy, it's just...well...he collects books, and I collect books (and manga and graphic novels and comics), and so as we go through our stuff to 'clear out' the junk and to tidy up, we get...distracted. Yeah. Distracted.

This sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? We have literally thousands of books. Our idea of ornamentation is to buy more bookshelves - and not those piddly little things, no, I mean floor-to-almost-reaching-the-ceiling, solid wooden bookshelves, filled two rows thick with books.

Then, on top of that, I'm the Guild Leader of our guild in Guild Wars, and keeping up with the game and the forum and everyone else and so on really eats up time. One of my Guild Officers sent me the FFVII whachamacallit for the PC so I didn't get withdrawal from having my games packed away, and so the siren call of that has also been drawing me in.

I've also been helping my other half sort out his new-found fascination with origami, and I've just bought £14 worth of material for him, which meant a day or two of scouring for the best deals and options and everything else before buying, and our fridge has suddenly stopped working properly, and so forth. Gah!

Not to mention I've been infected with THREE different viruses in the past week alone - and I HAVEN'T DOWNLOADED ANYTHING! --cries--

So, yeah. I've pretty much given up on writing atm. I have no focus. My ideas end up deleted before they reach a page long, simply because I feel like it's jumbled crap, and quite frankly, I've been too distracted to sit for any prolonged period of time to get anything substantial done anyway.

But, that's beside the point. Like I said earlier, whenever I get the chance to sit and relax, I've been immediately searching for FFVII and FFX fics to read. Well, I have been reading from some others, but right now especially I've been craving good, meaty, plot-tastic Cloud-centric fics or Tidus-centric fics.

I'm pretty flexible with my Cloud-centric fics. I mean, I don't really like CloudxTifa, or CloudxYuffie, but just about anyone else is fine. My OTP is SephxCloud, but y'all probably already knew that. My OT4 is SxCxZxA.

The thing is, it's so much harder to find fics I like for FFX. I pretty much like Tidus best. My OTP is SeymourxTidus.

...Yeah. Exactly.

Finding decent SeymourxTidus fics is like pulling blood from a stone.

I also like Summoner!Tidus fics, for which I have found one, yep, you've got it, ONE fic which didn't need serious touching up, or in which the characters were majorly OOC. There was another one I kinda liked. It was sweet, even though the characters were OOC, and it was a bit of a guilty pleasure.

The one I really enjoyed and thought was very well written was this one:

Sundial by Silver pup 
AU — The fayth have a funny way of doing things. Instead of waiting for a summoner to free them, they send in their own to do the job. Enter Tidus, the unwilling participant, as he takes on the task of saving Spira from itself. Oh dear.
Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Friendship - Chapters: 20 - Words: 147,731 - Reviews: 100 - Updated: 7-28-09 - Published: 5-18-09 - Tidus & Auron - Complete

The guilty pleasure was this one:

Angel of Fayth by Mandeh-Yaoi-Star
AU: It was by chance that the angel fell out of time. Tidus is a Summoner and he was raised by the Fayth for the purpose of ending their suffering once and for all. Yaoi - Seymour/Tidus
Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 7 - Words: 36,392 - Reviews: 44 - Updated: 3-17-10 - Published: 3-5-10 - Seymour & Tidus

To make things even worse, there are barely a handful of decent SeymourxTidus fics around! If it wasn't for Shivani, I'd have gone mad!
What I would really like to see isn't one of those little, hastily-written fics with Seymour raping poor-widdle-helpless-Tidus, it's something which addresses the tension between them. Tidus has feelings for Yuna. Yay! That doesn't mean there can't be sexual tension between him and this half-man, half-guado who has already admitted he doesn't love Yuna and only wishes to use her.

I mean, come on! The doors are open there for some seriously delicious plotwork there. Seymour fully intends to die, he hardly cares about what he does while he's alive. He's got virtually no constraints holding him back, other than his own desire to become Make use of it!

There's no reason why Tidus can't like/love Yuna and still be drawn to Seymour. Hell, that would make things even more interesting, especially when Tidus finds out the truth of Yuna's journey!

I want obsession. Drama. Ambivilant feelings. Desire which chokes them both. Events which push them apart and yank them in close. I don't care if it's AU/AR! That's the whole point of fanfiction!

I want Tidus like in canon. Mouthy, fierce, stubborn, pigheaded, friendly, and above all, lost and yet loyal.

I want Seymour like in canon. Domineering, cruel, driven, obsessive, cunning, strong, and broken inside.

I want to see sparks. Friction. Heated gazes and glares and verbal spars and physical fights and above all, that ever-maddening burn and pull between them. I want them to clash. To be passionate, even if that passion is as cold as ice, burning twice as much.

At this point, I wouldn't even care if it didn't have a happy ending, just so long as I got to read the journey.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'm ever going to get it. Shivani comes close, I'll admit. But it's just...too soft.

Anyway, here's a few pics. Thumbnails only, click 'em to see the big sized versions.


And...a Seymour video on YT I liked. (Plus a Tidus one, 'cos, y'know, jealousy and all)

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